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Personality & Behavioural Assessment


Psychometric profiling is recognised as a vital component in improving organisational effectiveness through the development of individual, interpersonal and team competencies. Partnering with CandidateAsia, we help to match the right candidate to the right role for employers.


We offer psychometric tests to employers as part of the recruitment and selection process. This is to better understand the factors that tend to predict best performers and identify common qualities among successful employees in a job category, so that those qualities can be looked at and trained for. More importantly, it helps to identify potential in a candidate to manage the specific job-related tasks and also fit into the environment and culture of the organisation.


These tests and assessments also raise the candidates’ self awareness in terms of understanding their personality traits, behaviours, interests, values system and skills set. With these findings, the candidates will then be matched to a role that enables them to contribute to the success of the organisation. They are also more likely to be satisfied and rewarded in a role for which they are well suited.


The above tests and assessments are facilitated by our Senior Consultants who are certified 7 Habits Trainer, certified in NLP, certified in DISC, certified in Strong Interest Inventory, certified in administration of Harrison Assessment and other leading psychometric instruments.


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Placement for Permanent positions


Our main service is to provide permanent job placement services for our candidates, in order to enrich their career and broaden their work exposures. This is done through a careful selection process to match the needs and requirements of the employer and the potential candidate.

Placement for Contract and Temporary positions


We also provide placement services for contract and temporary positions. Whether the economy is upturn or downturn, there will always be demand for short-term manpower to cover certain short term assignments such as employees on maternity leave, prolong sick leave and temporary cover for resigned employees.

Career counseling and guidance


We have a team of HR professionals, line managers and senior management from various industries, our people are not only armored with a history of solid line and managerial experience; with substantial specialized and technical knowledge of HR issues, laws, policies and practices. Thus we are able to value add to our candidates by providing career counseling advice and guidance, as well as coach and mentor them towards achieving realistic career goals and objectives.

Psychometric Tests & Assessment


We bring our candidates on a journey of self-discovery by offering a holistic 360 degree self-analysis tools (comprising of psychometric tests and assessment tools called “Discover Yourself”). These assessment tools raise the candidate’s self awareness in terms of understanding their personality traits, interests, values system and skills set.

Promoting Work-life Balance


As we focus on the candidate’s personal needs and career aspirations right at the onset, we recognise the importance of work-life balance in today’s fast-paced environment. Work-life balance may mean different things to different candidates. Candidates with young children or elderly parents may require jobs with flexible working hours while career-minded candidates with no social lives may yearn for friendship or companionship. In order to create opportunities for our candidates who are single to make new friends and socialise with the opposite gender via private arrangements, we started a HotdatesTM Membership Programme to promote networking and work-life balance.

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