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CandidateAsia is the first specialist recruitment and executive search company in Singapore and Asia to focus on the recruitment and selection process from the candidate’s perspective at the onset. This methodology sets us apart from other headhunting and recruitment companies and serves as early warning indicators of any mismatch between job seekers and their prospective employers.


We understand that searching for a new career can be a very time consuming and taxing process. As there are numerous jobs available in the market, namely, banking and finance, insurance and reinsurance, information technology and telecommunication, hospitality and retail, sales and marketing, accounting and audit, human resource and administration, supply chain and logistics, life sciences and healthcare, engineering and manufacturing, building and construction, marine and offshore, candidates may not know which job is the right one for them.


By partnering with CandidateAsia, you allow us to help you with your long-term career planning and management. We take the time to get to know you personally, understand your goals and preferences, map out your ideal career path and coach you on how to get there. Career planning and management, therefore, can be a rewarding and positive experience for you, and you will feel more assured in your career choice and the direction you are taking.


Many undergraduates and fresh graduates may be clueless as to where to start looking for jobs. (Read more)

These executives are at the early stage of their career cycles who may feel stagnant in their existing roles. (Read more)

These mid-career professionals and managers may get bored in their current roles, hoping to switch industries. (Read more)

These senior managers, directors and above generally yearn for new challenges to attain self actualisaion. (Read more)


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Undergraduates & Fresh Graduates


Many undergraduates and fresh graduates may be clueless as to where to start looking for jobs. You can start with us as your one-stop recruitment centre to assist you with your temporary or permanent placement.


We do tie-ups between companies and schools, whether polytechnics or universities, to offer screened undergraduates as part of their internship programme. We also place undergraduates for temporary placements during their school holidays.


For fresh graduates, we give career guidance and counselling, interview tips, psychometric tests and assessments as well as placement services.

Junior & Senior Executive Levels


Junior and senior executives are at the early stage of their career cycles who may feel stagnant in their existing roles, no job challenges, limited learning and growth opportunities, the list goes on.


These executives who have been working for a few years may yearn for more exposures, learning opportunities and career progressions. They wanted to develop their skill sets and broaden their experiences.


We assist them with placement either in similar roles, extension of their roles or switching of functional roles to enhance their technical competencies and transferable skills to make them more marketable and versatile in today’s fast-changing environment.

Professional & Managerial Levels


Professionals and managers typically have progressed up the corporate ladder to be in a mid-to-senior level of an organisation. They are generally in the supervisory or management roles, with influence over work processes and tactical decision makings.


These professionals have at least 5 to 10 years of experience in similar roles and armed with professional qualifications and strong specialist experiences. After spending years to build up their expertise, they may get burnout or bored, hoping to switch industries or functional roles.


We assist them to move into roles that will advance their career progression, making them well-rounded professional with versatile skill sets. We also value add in giving appropriate career counselling and guidance on self-enrichment or skills upgrading to prepare them for the next career level.

Senior & Top Management Levels


Senior and top management levels typically refer to the senior managers, heads of department, directors and above. They possess strong persona and charisma, provide leadership, articulate well and well verse with navigating internal culture. This small echelon has a strong clout over the directions of the organisation.


They generally yearn for new challenges, for example, leading a new start-up; injecting growth and innovation into a stagnant company; restructuring a poorly managed company or turning around a loss-making company. They also look to attain self-actualisation in their pursuit beyond results and achievements.


Those with proven strong leadership track records usually have no lack of suitors courting them. We connect senior management with clients to help them achieve their career aspirations.

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